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Attention: Are You Ready To Learn How To Create Funnels So Good Santa Would Be Proud?


"Give Us Just 60 Minutes A Day
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Launch Your Funnel

And Turn It Into A Business
That Makes Every Day Feel Like A Child on Christmas!"

(This Can Work Even If You Currently Have No Tech Skills, Don’t Have A Product, Or Have No Idea What A Funnel Is Yet...!) 



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From The Desk of Santa Clause:

Welcome to the most merry funnel building challenge ever!

I want you to imagine with me for a minute that you take this challenge seriously and you learn the skills to create a successful funnel. How could that change your life?

Maybe you would be able to build funnels that allow you to quit your job.

Maybe you can give your spouse their dream life and watch them smile knowing you put that smile on their face.

Maybe it  gives you that time and location freedom you've been wanting so you can travel all of the time!

It may surprise you but I have spent years mastering the art of building funnels. While the north pole has a ton of magic to make the holiday operate, we also enjoy our vacations and we like to vacation right so that takes a lot of money!

Over those years I have noticed how many good boys and girls have been struggling to build a funnel that can sell so I have watched the struggle and pain and I can't take it any longer. 

Unfortunately the "Secret of Santa" doesn't allow me to just jump on a zoom call and tell you what to do so I have partnered with Matt Peet to help deliver the information so you can finally build a successful funnel and reach your dream goals.

Matt is part of an elite group. He is one of 20 Clickfunnels Ambassadors. He did $20,000 on his first ever funnel launch after attending his first challenge years ago. He has worked with some notable people like Steve Larsen, John Lee Dumas, Andrew Warner, and even Disney World! Because of his experience with entrepreneurship, funnels, and being on the nice list, I knew he was the perfect fit to run this challenge with me!

It won't be easy so expect to put in hard word to make this dream a reality but d NOT miss this opportunity to take control over your future.

'Santa's Funnel Challenge' Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step

How to Create your offer, Build Your Funnel, Craft Compelling Hooks,Drive traffic

...And Begin To Generate Sales Without Taking On A Mountain Of Debt Or Falling Prey To “Analysis Paralysis”!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:


 Belief In Magic

On day 1 we are going to show you why you should believe in magic. The magic of funnels! We do this for a very specific reason. 

We can't tell you how many times we have seen people "Use Funnels" but they don't trust the process so what do you think happens? They don't see any results. You need to believe the things you are going to do CAN work but only if you give it your all!

  • Funnels work
  • ​If you don't do it correctly... it won't work.
  • ​We will introduce you to the three pillars to funnel success so you know how to build your funnel up for success


Wrapping Your Offer In With A Bow

Maybe you've heard of this referred to as "Offer Creation". This is a very underrated part of building a funnel that can make-or-break your funnel. If people don't think your offer is good enough then they will bounce.

Everyone thinks what they are selling is their "offer" but they don't know how wrong they are. They are missing the key secrets to making an irresistible offer so your audience has to buy!

  • How to create an outstanding offer
  • ​If someone passes on your outstanding offer then they are a mashugan
  • ​Master a skill most funnel creators overlook so you stand out in the crowd


Leaving Cookies and Milk

More commonly called a "Hook"

What is a hook?

A hook is a magical method of getting attention and creating curiosity in your audience kinda like Santa coming down your chimney to the smell of fresh bakes cookies. You want to grab attention like that!

It's the art of sparking intrigue and delight, so they can't help but ask you for more, much like the eagerness to discover what's hidden beneath the Christmas tree. But remember, this enchanting technique goes far deeper than you might imagine, just like the mysteries of Santa's workshop

  • Defining a hook so you know what you are creating
  • How to create compelling hooks to grab attention
  • A secret hook method that no one (except the top level) seems to be talking about!


Festive Funnel Fabrication

We're gearing up for a wild sleigh ride into funnel building!

But hold on tight because here's a secret: building a successful funnel isn't about rushing into the builder. It's about the careful steps we've taken so far, setting the stage for your ultimate success. So, get ready to embark on this enchanting journey!

  •  How to pick what funnel type you need.
  •  How to use the Clickfunnels funnel builder
  • What the different stages of a funnel are.


Creating An Elf Rush

On this day we are going to teach you how to drive traffic like elf's going on a hot cocoa break! Each year as Santa is helping good boys and girls with their funnels they always say that their main problem is driving traffic to their funnel.

Santa has been closely tuning his ears to your wishes, and now we're here to reveal the Christmas miracle you've been waiting for – the secret to filling your funnel with qualified, holiday-spirited traffic! This is the part where twinkling eyes meet twinkling stars because it's the ever-elusive puzzle that we've magically solved, just like Santa finding every house on Christmas Eve.

  • How to drive traffic so your sales funnel has a chance to sell!
  • Different ways you can get attention so you can pick your favorite and get started!
  • 3 FREE traffic secrets that you are probably missing

What Are You Waiting For?!

This is a FREE challenge that will show you how to create your business and make every day feel like Christmas. What are you waiting for! Come join us in the merriest challenge all year!

Ready To Create A Thriving Business From Scratch In Just 5 Days?

What You Can Expect

From Santa's Funnel Challenge!

BeforeThe Challenge

  • Stressed trying to figure out online business
  • ​Don't know how to drive traffic
  • ​Annoyed at why no one is buying your product/service
  • ​fearful that you will never figure this out and be stuck at your         job forever
  • ​Can't come up with a good offer

AfterThe Challenge

  • Confident about how all of the pieces come together for
           your business so you can make money
  • ​A plan to drive traffic to fill your funnel!
  • Stress-free about your future income
  • ​Have a killer offer people would have to be a cotton-headed-         ninny-muggins to say no to.
  • ​Filled with the spirit of Christmas!

Here’s Everything You Get

When You Sign Up For The
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  • FREE! Daily live videos where you will learn all of steps of creating a successful funnel. Yule also have homework to make sure you are getting everything done so you are ready for Christmas!
  • FREE!  Access to Santa's Workshop - a private facebook group created for challenge takers to meet each other, collaborate, and exchange ideas
  • FREE! replays for 10 days in case you miss anything or want to go back and retake the challenge
  • FREE! Squeeze Page template so you just change out the copy and images and you are ready to build your list!

Normally: $997 Value

Today:100% FREE!


5-Day Virtual Event: Santa's Funnel Challenge


Next Monday - Friday
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Because this is YOUR time to get YOUR idea into the world with a funnel!

Now It's time to Act!

Ready To Launch Your Idea In Just 5 Days?

The best time to plant a Christmas tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is right now. Don't let this opportunity pass you by like you are on the naughty list. It's time for you to take control of your income and make an impact as big as Santa's!