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Here's How This FREE 30-Day Challenge Works:

In the One Funnel Away Challenge, you’ll get all the insights and training you need to build a thriving sales funnel that collects cash and customers… and funds the business and life you want to live. 

​You might also get a chance to hang out with Matt Peet (That's ME!) during the live Facilitated calls. Say hey when I'm facilitating!

Here's What To Expect:

  • ​You sign up on the next page. You can either 1) pay $100 to to take it or 2) take it for free and get a free 30 day trial of Clickfunnels 2.0 (recommended)​
  • ​I’ll send you all my bonuses, and Russell Brunson will send you your materials plus HIS bonuses for you.
  • ​Every day of the challenge, you’ll be given the day’s mission, straight from Russell Brunson himself. Each mission comes with live facilitation with other funnel builders so you can build your funnels and your network at the same time. You also get a workbook every day to make sure you are getting everything done.
  • ​Ask questions as you watch the training and implement your missions during the live facilitations or in the VIP group and the VIP coaches.

Imagine what a cash-collecting funnel could do… for your business… for your family… for your health... for your entire life.

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Get These Awesome Bonuses

From Russell Brunson


Email Copy Generator

Does the idea of writing the copy for your long-form email nurture sequence give you stress?

​Don't let it!

​This email copy generator is a game changer when it comes to writing your emails!

(Value $497)


Geru Funnel Simulator

Geru is an amazing software that allows you to visually structure and simulate traffic for your funnels so you can see just how much money you can make based on your traffic and average cart value!

​Never go into a funnel launch blind again!

(Value $67)


Pyks E-cover Creator

with Pyks, you can create beautiful e-covers for your books without hiring an expensive designer or without waiting weeks for it to come back to you!

(Value $67)



Use this tool to find out what course you can create that has an audience so you know you'll be able to make an income with your course idea before you spend time building it!

(Value $97)


You Get All Of This TOO!

30 Days Of Video Coaching / Missions From Russell ($997 Value)

LIVE Facilitator (That's ME!) / Coaches During The Challenges! ($997 Value)

Workbook And Swipe Files For Each Mission! ($297 Value)

FREE! 30 Day ClickFunnels Trial ($197 Value)

PLUS, Get These Awesome Bonuses

From Matt Peet (Me!)


Santa's Funnel Challenge Recordings

Dive into Santa's Funnel Challenge recordings for a Christmas-themed funnel-building extravaganza!

I covered everything from crafting irresistible offers to nailing storytelling and demystifying the tech. It's your all-access pass to boost your funnel game – for free!

Don't miss out, grab your recordings now!

(Value $297)


Getting Starting With Clickfunnels Course

This is a game-changer!

This course acts as a guiding light, we cover everything from helping beginners make informed decisions on which ClickFunnels plan suits them best, to setting up your account & demystifying workflows, it's a comprehensive journey.

Imagine having a step-by-step guide on your side, ensuring you effortlessly connect domains, emails, and craft effective funnels.

This bonus isn't just about tools; it's about empowering your journey through the One Funnel Away Challenge, making sure every ClickFunnels facet is not only understood but mastered. It's the extra boost that transforms a sign-up into a success story.

(Value $297)


Video Sales Letter Training

Creating compelling videos is key for successful Video Sales Letters and other funnel types.

In my exclusive bonus, I'll guide you through every step of making a powerful funnel video.

From shooting to editing, I've got you covered.

Don't miss out on this invaluable tutorial—it's your ticket to unlocking the potential of video sales letter funnels.

(Value $197)


Funnel Mastery Essentials

Want to know what areas to focus on so you know what's really important when it comes to building a funnel?

​As a Clickfunnels facilitator and ambassador I've seen what pieces of the puzzle really help people get a lot of traction and I put them all on this one pager.

​Many people have said that focus number 1 is a game changer for their entire business, not just their funnel.

(Value $27)


One Funnel Away Bridge Funnel

Interested in making money through being an affiliate for Clickfunnels? 

​It's a great deal to be honest!

30% recurring commission for whoever you refer to Clickfunnels for as long as they Stay with Clickfunnels!

​(That's anywhere from $30-$60/month per person you refer!)

​You will get a copy of THIS funnel so you can change out your information and be ready to sell as an affiliate!

(Value $197)


Facebook Community

Want to have a community of entrepreneurs using funnels to grow their business?

The Focused Funnel Builders Community is the perfect place to connect with other funnel builders and get your questions answered!

We also do live stream training sessions in this group regularly so don't miss out!

(Value $197)

Total Value: $4,428

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"I've had the pleasure of working with Matt on multiple occasions and he ALWAYS brings the heat!" - Kate Erickson From Entrepreneurs On Fire

"I knew nothing about marketing. I spoke with Matt Peet and that was SO helpful. After talking with Matt, Now I have a practical idea of some next steps to take for email marketing, online, social media, in person marketing, literally anything to do with marketing. I learned So much just in an hour of talking with Matt. Now I have some practical next steps to take and I couldn't be more thankful." - Beckham Adams

​"Matt is great at breaking everything down and talking at a level that is easy to understand. More than that he knows what he is talking about and how to make things work." - Joseph Roberson

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