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Who is Matt Peet?

Clickfunnels Facilitator, Clickfunnels Ambassador &
Focused Funnel Builders Creator!

We are

Focused Funnel Builders!

A community of digital entrepreneurs driven to create freedom and success.

Hi, I'm Matt Peet, your guide into the world of online success.

As a ClickFunnels facilitator, I lead many of the insightful trainings provided by ClickFunnels. In this unique role, I have the privilege of learning and sharing the most effective strategies directly from Russell Brunson, the founder himself.

Join me on this exciting journey where I bring firsthand knowledge from one of the best jobs ever, empowering you with the latest insights for online success.

Our members leverage cutting-edge software and strategies to build thriving online businesses.

As a ClickFunnels ambassador, I bring an elevated connection to the forefront, ensuring our community thrives with exclusive insights and support.

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What Makes Up Focused Funnel Builders:

  • ​The Tech: We are creating videos showing you how to use tools like Clickfunnels, canva, and others so you can make an impact and sell online. (even if you aren't a tech wizard)
  • ​Business development: I want to help you create a business that gets you out of the rat race of constantly having to be in promotion mode in order to make money. 
  • ​Marketing: Driving traffic is always a stressful topic so we will be talking a lot about how to drive traffic and fill your funnel so you can grow your freedom business.
  • Community: This mastermind is for driven, kind, action taking entrepreneurs so we will hold you accountable so the quality of the group stays high. We will push you outside of your comfort zone.

Community Driven!

All Ships Rise In A High Tide

Joining A Mastermind And Being Active In It Is One Of The Best Way To Speed Up Your Business And Lifestyle Growth!

  • Masterminds: Napoleon Hill in his famous book "Think and Grow Rich" said that Masterminds allow individuals to tap into the experience, creativity, and support of others.
  • Feedback: Surround yourself with individuals who share a clear purpose, providing genuine feedback and insights. In the world of funnels, this collaboration is invaluable. Embrace the power of honest critique and shared wisdom – it's the key to unlocking success in your online journey.
  • Learn: You can accelerate your growth by understanding and applying the lessons others have already learned and avoiding the mistakes others have made in the process.

Being a part of a community turned my life around back in 2020. Having others to mastermind with and network with helped me grow my business and create more freedom in my life!

Learn from our awesome Guest experts about 

Marketing, Social Media, Memberships and more...!


Jenna Warriner

Social Media Expert


Vincent Pugliese

Membership Freedom


Steve Larsen

The Capitalist Pig


Turner Leslie

Affiliate Professional

Who is the Mastermind For?

This is for entrepreneurs with a Definite Purpose

Our mastermind community is exclusive, with a cap of 100 seats. This intentional limit ensures a tight-knit group where meaningful connections thrive. Apply now if you're committed to taking decisive action and elevating your lifestyle through business growth.

What if I'm not successful yet?

It's not about your current success

The application process serves two crucial purposes. Firstly, with limited seats available, it ensures a curated and engaged community. Secondly, it screens out any negative energy, making this a welcoming space for everyone to share and learn from each other's business experiences. Remember, success isn't a prerequisite; determination to grow is.

You don't have to already be successful to join, but you must be determined to get there!


We Build On

Clickfunnels 2.0!

It's not a requirement, it just makes life a whole lot easier and more fun!

I get it – ClickFunnels is just a tool. You don't have to use ClickFunnels 2.0 to be part of the mastermind; you can switch to any funnel-building software. However, choosing ClickFunnels offers numerous advantages.

At Focus Funnel Builders, we delve into various aspects of online entrepreneurship, and ClickFunnels excels at solving multiple challenges in one place.

Beyond handling funnels, ClickFunnels 2.0 also addresses...


Email Marketing

Built right into the software, you can manage your email list. You can automate emails to be sent, you can send one-off broadcasts, and you can save money and headaches by not having to use another software to make this happen!



No figuring out what third party tool to use to accept your payments. Clickfunnels has it's own payment processing tool that is a life saver but we' can talk about how it saves you money and stress once you are on the inside!


Membership areas

I imagine many people will want to have their own courses and memberships so they can create recurring income in their business. Clickfunnels is great for that!


And So Much More!

It does all of that and so much more. The team at Clickfunnels is also always working on the software so new features are still coming!

It's not all about the Tech

Bottom line is, we want to see you succeed


All Ships rise in a high tide

Jump On Board

As others in the group learn and grow their business you get to learn from them so you speed up your success path!


Giving Back

We love giving back

This Mastermind is built on being a "Go-Giver" so every 10th members payment goes straight to charity!


Standing Out

Make Noise!

We will make sure every member is able to put their best foot forward so you can make an impact in your industry!

You have been called

Answer The Call

If you have a calling in your life that you know you have to fulfill then you owe it to yourself to surround yourself with others who are high achievers!


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Here is what you get when you Apply Today!

Weekly Zoom Calls

Join us every week on Zoom! We casually chat about our businesses, share wins and hurdles, and keep each other on track. It's a spot to grow, share insights, and stay accountable.

​Our weekly Zoom sessions go beyond just chatting. It's like a secret club for getting expert tips, friendly feedback, and solving problems together. Join us to unlock a world of knowledge and connections. Let's make this business journey even more awesome together!

Expert Calls

Ever wish you could pick the brain of a pro without the formalities? Well, our expert calls make that happen! Picture this: cozy virtual chats with seasoned experts who spill the beans on social media, marketing, funnel building—you name it. No jargon, just straight talk from those who've conquered the biz realm. These calls are like a backstage pass to success, where we unravel the secrets of thriving in today's digital world.

Santa's Funnel Challenge Recordings

Unlock the secret sauce to funnels with our Santa's Funnel Challenge recordings! Back in November, we dove into the nitty-gritty of building killer funnels—from crafting compelling copy to mastering the tech. Now, when you join Focus Funnel Builders, you get exclusive access to all five days of recorded wisdom. It's like having Santa's workshop at your fingertips, guiding you through creating irresistible content for your own funnel. Ready to turn your business into a festive success story?

Clickfunnels Tech Tutorials

Tech-phobia? No worries! Dive into our ClickFunnels tech tutorials, crafted by yours truly—a proud ClickFunnels ambassador. I'm in the lab cooking up a step-by-step course – from setting up your account to adding that slick domain. Get ready to conquer workflows, create funnels, and own your online presence. It's like having a virtual tech buddy guiding you, making ClickFunnels 2.0 your playground. Join the mastermind, where tech fears meet their match. Let's demystify the digital journey together!

Mastermind Community

Picture this: a VIP backstage pass to a hive of motivated minds. Joining our mastermind isn't just about weekly Zoom calls; it's a 24/7 access pass to a private Facebook group buzzing with entrepreneurs on a mission.

Got questions? Need advice? This is your digital HQ where the support doesn't sleep. Dive into a network of go-getters, swap ideas, and conquer challenges together. Your success journey just found its home. Ready to unlock the power of a community that's always got your back?


Take control of your Business and your Future!

How you do some things is how you do everything so 
join Focused Funnel Builders and get focused on your future success!

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  • Tech Tutorials Course: $297 value
  • Weekly Calls$97/month Value
  • Expert Calls: $97/month Value
  • ​Santa's Funnel Challenge Recordings: $297 value
  • Your first 30 days are completely FREE: $97/month value

$985 value (and growing!)

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